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Do you want the ability to pick the best overall software for the specific challenges of any project?

The OSSI Software Decision Matrix (SDM) is here to help you answer the most important questions right from the start.


The OSSI is committed to helping the government use more efficient technology tools and code in their missions, projects, and initiatives. We believe in increased transparency, sharing of resources, and building trust within communities to help the government operate more efficiently and securely in the present and future.

We are on a mission to collect information about all available software solutions. As a member of the OSSI, we want to ensure that your solutions are presented in the context of the big picture, and rated within the SDM so that decision makers can choose the right tools for all of their jobs. Do you want to participate?

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Members of the OSSI gain the unique ability to actively participate in defining the discussion around software of all kinds. This conversation works because all kinds of different stakeholders can come to the table together within the OSSI. Do you want a chance to connect with precisely the right people? Membership is the OSSI is designed to deliver exactly that.



Actively enrolled students (high school, college, graduate programs) who are interested in working with open source software and gaining access to industry professionals while they are still in school.

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Persons interested in supporting the Open Source Software Institute’s (OSSI) mission can join at the individual member level. Members who are interested in advancing specific aspects of the OSSI mission can opt to volunteer as a committee member or serve in a leadership position.

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Enterprise level Open Source Solution providers looking to compete for contract opportunities.

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Membership Benefits

The real benefit of being a member of the OSSI is that our aims are to give you a voice in the market segment you want to serve. We want you to connect with the specific target clients within the government as a result of the OSSI’s ability to matchmake. We want you to be part of the community that is DEFINING how the open source mentality works, by living it in our day to day business interactions. We work together, and it shows.

The OSSI serves to navigate a better course for ALL of the players who come to the government software space to do business. We serve all of the communities together. That’s what makes it work.

We help software vendors understand the needs and processes of their government customers.

We help agency leadership, technical developers, and federal contract writers ALL get together and calculate ratings that describe factors about Total Cost of Ownership, Security, and Ability to Innovate.

Individuals in private industry, public sector, and academia can benefit from a ton of resources and networking opportunities in the programs and initiatives of the OSSI. Stay up to date and keep your finger on the pulse of modern code security, functionality, and TCO.

Do you need some contract writing training to make sure you are asking the RIGHT questions, to find the BEST answers, no matter what challenge you are trying to solve? Some members get free access to training videos as part of their OSSI Toolkit.


The Open Source Software Institute provides a clear, top-level starting point for busy Business Decision Makers, Federal Contracting Officers, and Technical Influencers who are working to choose, and effectively implement OSS and Open Core solutions in their various projects and initiatives.

The OSSI puts the many details of software acquisition into a frame of reference that illuminates the big picture, hidden costs, and factors to be considered whether agencies are choosing to build, buy, or customize code to fit their needs. Our goal is to consolidate and distill information and resources about the Software Acquisition Process, OSS, Best Practices, and other relevant information into a clear and actionable format.


Learning open source software was never so easy and straight forward.

Please fill out your information and we will be in contact about how to get you started.