Bringing Smart People Together.


Events hosted by the OSSI are designed to provide vital connections between people and information for the purposes of improving technical security and efficiency, and the provision of custom solutions as needed. Expert Panels, Executive Briefings, and carefully crafted introductions will happen on an on-demand basis as determined by the members of the OSSI.

Executive Briefs

When the needs of a specific project have been accurately identified and communicated, Executive Briefings are hosted by the OSSI to bring specific resource options and expert answers to the table for decision makers to leverage. These briefings are open to members of the government, infrastructure operators and OSSI Fellows.

Expert Panels

Panels focus on a specific topic of concern. The OSSI brings together top experts, authors, and anyone who has questions on the topic for moderated panel discussions, public Q&A, and book signings.

Agency Specific Events

Agency events give staffers and legislators the chance to take the stage and discuss their questions, needs, and concerns. Appropriate vendors and service providers comprise the audience of these events. Discussion is centered around technology neutral questions and responses to the needs of the specific agency in the spotlight at these events.

Online Training

Scheduled webinars, as well as small group trainings are provided to meet the needs of the various members of the OSSI. Training is facilitated and hosted by the institute, but demand for these trainings come from the constant need of everyone involved in this process to learn and stay up to date on both technology and process.

OSSI Podcast

This will be based a series of short interviews covering the most pressing concerns involved with implementing software solutions (of all kinds) in the government. By concentrating on specific issues, rather than just providing general educational or informational resources, this podcast is meant to grab the ear (and mind) of a variety of stakeholders in the governmental OSS space. Vendors and Experts and Agencies can use this podcast as a platform to present their needs, questions, and requirements out to decision makers and developers alike. Podcast platform will be neutral and holistic.

OSSI Awards

The OSSI Awards will be a chance for the community to highlight and celebrate solutions done well. Categories of Awards have yet to be determined, but we envision these awards as an opportunity to recognize high quality code, well run projects, innovative thinkers, and beautiful collaborations.