Working Together to Find Great Solutions

Members of the OSSI come from every walk of the technology community. The OSSI provides a structured framework where different kinds of members can work together to solve their pressing challenges, whatever those challenges may be. Members also use various OSSI platforms to claim a voice for themselves in the wider discussion. Do you want a chance to take the stage?

Membership Benefits

The real benefit of being a member of the OSSI is that our aims are to give you a voice in the market segment you want to serve. We want you to connect with the specific target clients within the government as a result of the OSSI’s ability to matchmake. We want you to be part of the community that is DEFINING how the open source mentality works, by living it in our day to day business interactions. We work together, and it shows.

The OSSI serves to navigate a better course for ALL of the players who come to the government software space to do business. We serve all of the communities together. That’s what makes it work.