What We Do

We are here to help you navigate the complexity of your software choices.

What We Do

There are many factors to consider when implementing a new technology solution. And what you see on the surface level is not always an accurate representation of what lays under the water.

The OSSI leverages the experience of its community members and the art of collaborative communication to help you navigate your choices from a big-picture perspective. Keys to successful solutions go beyond functionality and price and examine deeper metrics such as Total Cost of Ownership and Ease of Innovation.

Choose the Best Software

Tools to help you make the best overall choice.

IT and OSS Mentoring

Guidance to assist you with the specific needs of your project.

Events with Experts

Your invitation to the next opportunity to learn from the experts.

OSSI Awards

See what successful choices look like in action.


When faced with the choice of which kind of software solutions or services to purchase, it is VERY important for decision makers to be able to bring the requirements and concerns of all related stakeholders to the table. The OSSI serves to bring together those who are seeking new solutions and vendor-neutral experts to discuss project and initiative specifics. Because of the vast number of options available, this mentoring service can guide the initial steps of the decision making process. Our goal is to bring you to the best set of 2 or 3 options, then let you decide which ones to go with.


In order to create a common language among diverse parties in an ever-evolving world of technological innovation, the OSSI provides training on a number of different topics. Initial trainings will include classes on How to Write Inclusive RFI / SOW / Contracts, Understanding Software Evaluation, The Role of Security Validation in Open Source Code, and other topics as the need arises.